Why Communication Skills are Especially Important for Christians

While most Christian persecution is much more physical and dangerous in other countries, the United States has taken and decidedly ridged stance against Christians. 

Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter have been systematically deleting posts that are overtly Christian. Many Christians have moved to Parler in order to be able to discuss their views. However, I feel it's vital for Christians to to learn to communicate effectively with NONChristians because otherwise aren't we just preaching to the choir? 

The Lord must think communication skills and important issue because there are hundreds and hundreds of scriptures telling us how we should communicate with each other.  Not everything is mentioned in the Bible, but something mentioned this many times should be studied, Amen?

The world is becoming more secular every day.  It thinks of Christians as intolerant and asks us to be quiet about our faith and our values.  It is increasingly difficult for Christians to feel comfortable enough to discuss what they believe, yet the Lord makes it clear we are to share the Good News and be ready to give an answer to those who would question us.  

More communication skill is required today than ever before in order to be ready to answer in grace.


JoJo Tabares
Christain-based speech communication materials for all ages! 
Equipping the Christian Community to speak out 
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