When to be the Communication Correction Patrol

Today is actually a great day to talk about this topic. I don't like April Fools day much. It's usually just a chance to say something that isn't true to trip someone up, embarrass them, or otherwise make life miserable.  

There are times to correct grammar, spelling, and other communication and there are many times you should NOT. Here's a general rule of thumb I go by. If it's your children, your students, or could result in something bad happening due to miscommunication, you should say something.  If the message is clear and there is no real value in correcting someone other than embarrassing them, DON'T!

The reason I teach speech communication is to allow YOU to communicate clearly to others. This gives you a better chance of getting your point across and getting what you want in life.  I don't teach it to make nitpickers out of you all.

Unfortunately, this is what has happened online in social media too often.  Some only comment when they can point out a flaw or mistake. Not cool, folks. Not cool!

This has been a Public Service Announcement for the betterment of communicators everywhere!  

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