Want to Get a FREE AoE Speech Communication Study?

Would you like to get a copy of one of our speech communication materials FREE?  Now you can!  

If you have a blog or other social media account (Facebook, Twitter, etc) or you belong to a larger group in the homeschool or Christian niche, you can get a FREE copy of ANY Art of Eloquence communication study just by sharing our links. 

Here's all you need to do:

Just post a link to one of our product pages with a short description asking folks to check it out.  That's it! 

What you can share:

1. A link to any one of our product pages.  Here is a link to our catalog where you can choose a specific title to share.


2. You can share a link to our sale page where you will find 14 of our most popular titles on sale for only $7 each!  

What to post:

Just the link and a very short description telling them to check it out.  You can even copy the picture and description right from the product page or the listing on the sale page!  

To Collect Your Free Study:

Just email me JoJo @ ArtofEloquence .com (without the spaces) and give me a link showing your 3 (three) posts sharing one of our products on social media with a decent following in a similar niche and tell me which study you'd like free  I'll email it to you within 24-48 hours.  

Yes, you can mix n match:

* You can share three different AoE studies if you like or the same study to three different social media sites. 

* You can share a different study or studies than you would like to receive free. 

* You can share a combination of individual products and a link to our site. 

Communication is a vital skill in the Information Age.  Our studies are fun and easy to use. Titles range from speech and debate to overcoming shyness, resolving conflicts, and sharing your Christian Faith among others. 

Thank you for helping us get the word out about this important topic! 

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