Truth Series: Character

One of the most important Truth Markers is something you may not have if you don't know the person well enough.  However, if you do, it's not only a critical truth marker, but something you'd do well to keep in mind in case there is a mistake made. 

A person's character is vital to being able to tell if someone might be telling the truth because, as you might guess, if the person is a known liar, you'd do well not to trust anything they say.  If the person has been known to tell an untruth a time or two, you'd be better off looking for confirmation before blindly accepting something he says or posts.  

However, if you know the person to be an exceptionally honest individual, you can usually trust what they say even if it sounds like it may be difficult to believe.  It's not ever advisable to blinding trust, but you should at least give him the benefit of the doubt before posting a tirade about how wrong he is on Facebook.

Additionally, if you know a person to be generally an honest, truthful, and responsible person, it's your almost your duty to give him the benefit of the doubt and to cut him some slack if or when he makes a mistake by posting something he believed to have a credible source, but was misinformed.  

One of the social media issues I find most troubling is when an online friend I know to be a sweet soul creates a post that may sound harsh due to their unfortunate choice of words--especially when that person is overwhelmed in trial or distracted by issues they face. It's always best to give that person some grace and ask what they meant before tearing them apart in public. 

As I said, this one isn't something that is very useful when you don't know the person well, but it can be invaluable when you do. 



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