The Shyness Mindset

As I shared last week, I have created a new Facebook group where I'm sharing tips and encouragement for those who are shy or who have some kind of anxiety about sharing their conservative Christian views. One of the things that is of the utmost importance is changing your mindset. It's the most important thing you can do to overcome any issue. 

Mindset causes us to act a certain way making change very difficult unless you reframe those limiting beliefs. This is often more easily said than done, but it starts with something like this: 


I can't help you change your mindset with just this one graphic. For that, you'd need to join my group, but I can tell you how to start. Read over this list on both sides to see just how reframing your limiting beliefs can get you the results you want in order to share your mission, your ministry, or your business with confidence. 


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