The Boldness Challenge

Are you a Christian Leader? Are you struggling with how to lead? How to come across effectively as a leader in your mission, ministry, or business? 

I'm launching my Group Coaching Program Oct 26th and YOU get to benefit because I'm giving away SIX 1 hour trainings absolutely free!  Seven if you count the Preview Workshop I'm doing today at 2pm EST where I'll be sharing what it means to be a Christian leader!

During the Boldness Challenge next week, I'll be sharing trainings on confidence, using the person God created you to be and understanding how your ideal audience will interpret your message. I'll share some of my BEST tips for presenting your ideas/offer as well as handling conflicts that might arise and how and when to share your faith. 

I'm also going to have some Q & A time where you can ask me ANYTHING! I'll give you my absolue BEST this coming week free of charge! order to view all of this, you'll need to join my free Christian Leadership Academy Facebook group because all of the trainings will be inside that group!

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