Technology vs Skill

In my recommitment to share my expertise in communication skills, each week, I'm going to be bringing some of my old popular articles out of mothballs. It's amazing how much more timely they are now than they were when I wrote them. 

This month I'm sharing an article I wrote many years ago about the difference between communication technology as it's often confused with communication skill. I called it, Communication Technology Doesn't Replace Communication Skill

Though we are a more connected society than ever before, our communication skill has suffered in the translation. So many more people are ABLE to communicate with more people around the world, but due to the faceless version of our techie communication, we are more emboldened to speak without grace. In addition, we confuse the ease with which we can communicate for the skill needed to be effective and grace-filled when doing so. 

Just because we can do something, doesn't mean we SHOULD. Just because we have the technology to do something, doesn't mean we do it WELL. 

It's like this JoJoism I wrote many years ago: 

Just as a child has access to crayons and is able to draw you a picture, it doesn't mean it's at the same level as say, Leonardo Di Vinci. The same holds true for our communication skills. I ask that you read through the article I wrote so many years ago and to challenge yourself to be a better communicator each day. 



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