Seventeen Years of Art of Eloquence

This month marks seventeen years of Art of Eloquence! I started with one homeschool study I wrote to use as a fun course for the Christian homeschoolers in my area. It quickly grew to an online presence and several studies that tackled topics such as speech, debate, defending the faith, overcoming shyness, and overcoming conflict to name a few.

Over the years, I've done online classes, a radio show, online conventions, and speaking engagements at various homeschool events, libraries, and even a convention for gifted kids. The site has had contests and a character who was a mascot that used comedy to show kids how not to communicate well. 

Unfortunately, society no longer values being an effective communicator choosing to view freedom of speech as a right to offend and be offended by. It no longer seeks to become educated so as to prepare itself to speak in grace.  

Research still shows that children who learn to communicate effectively are still more likely to be successful both in their careers and in their personal life. Therefore, I remain loyal to the cause of equipping the saints with the tools needed to do that by offering studies for young and old alike. 

I will continue to do so with the multitude of speech communication studies available on this site. If your kids are shy, are having difficulties with conflict or sharing the faith, please know that there are tools here for you.

May God bless and keep you and your family!



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