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I've written for Art of Eloquence now for almost 16 years-starting about a year after I began homeschooling.  I've probably written about every conceivable communication topic either in one of my speech communication materials we have for sale here or one of the many articles I have written for publication.  

I've been blessed to have had some incredible feedback on my writing.  My articles have appeared in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, Homeschool Enrichment Magazine, Homeschool Today as well as websites such as, and Dr. My communication materials have been awarded "Homeschool Approved" and endorsed by The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and are recommended by HSLDA.  I've been blessed to have had a good group of Facebook fans that I've had the pleasure of entertaining with the Visual JoJoisms I have created over the years. (I have over 560 of them now! Visual JoJoisms that is!)  

The last several years have been filled with chronic illness issues and surgeries for me and job issues for my husband.  During that time, my daughter graduated from grad school and got married and my youngest has now graduated from high school...and so ends my homeschooling years.  

As I've have either come through issues I've faced (when God answered my prayer and ended the issue) or learned how to handle the ongoing struggles I deal with day to day, I've had a heart to reach out to those who are hurting, those who are stuck in survival mode as I was.  I find that God has been leading me into a new era and I will be leaving a few things behind as I use my time to focus on that path.'s what will remain the same:
* The Art of Eloquence site will remain up and fully maintained!

* All of our materials will be available for purchase just as they always were! 

* I will still be available via email (see our contact page) for any questions or issues you may have. 

However, here is what will change:
* I will not be writing any more articles for our blog, but I will be posting occasional news.

* I will not have time to run the Art of Eloquence Facebook fan page.   


Here's what I'll be up to now: 
For those who have followed my personal journey for the last several years, you know that I've had a heart to provide support for those struggling with chronic illness or other chronic issues.  I've spent a lot of my time writing a personal blog of inspiring articles and practical advice as well as humor to take the edge off what can be very trying times.  If you have enjoyed my articles there, you may subscribe to my new mailing list which will send them to you each week along with some humor and/or other tidbits.  

I'm currently working on a website and Facebook group called Life Beyond Surviving that will bring that inspiration, even more practical help and a ton of resources for families in survival mode so they, too, can live a life beyond surviving. PLUS I'm writing a book about my experiences as well that will be traditionally published.

In addition, our family business, Grape Stuff, will be introducing a new line of products that are based on some of the JoJoisms I've written over the years to bring a bit of humor and fun to families everywhere.  We will be announcing our new line of products soon that will be available on Amazon.  

You can follow us on our Grape Stuff Facebook fan page and very soon (I'm just now creating the site), you'll be able to read more about my mission over on Life Beyond where I'll be transitioning my chronic illness articles when it goes live.

Blessings from our family to yours!

JoJo Tabares (coming soon!)

Retired Homeschooler

Chronic Illness Survivor

And Child of God

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