If you don't do this FIRST, you won't persuade anyone of ANYTHING!

The Question:
What's the first thing you should do prior to emailing someone about your services? What's the first thing you should do before you go into a job interview?  What's the first thing you MUST do before you can convince someone of your point of view?  It's the same thing for all three.  Before you can even hope to convince anyone to do ANYthing, you MUST know your audience!

Why is this Important? 
Because you cannot hope to convince anyone they need to do or buy or believe something until you first know where they stand.  If you ever hope to communicate effectively, you need to first understand your audience so you know where to start.  

Ever go to the dealership trying to buy a car?  If the salesman spends his time talking to his 50 y/o female customer with six kids about the performance of the latest sports car, I can guarantee he won't sell a car a her!  She's not concerned with top speed, she wants safety, reliability, and perhaps some bells and whistles that make life traveling with six kids under 7 less overwhelming!

Case in Point:
People today don't take communication skills seriously and this is the result.  So the other day I received the following email.  The names have been hidden, but see if you can tell what she didn't do:


Hello JoJo,


A large part of my job is to reach out to companies that we have found to be a great fit for our 2-day shipping program. When I came across Art of Eloquence's site, I was immediately compelled to reach out.


I know it is important for e-commerce businesses like yours to be able to offer fast and affordable delivery. I'd like to show you how you can do that.


Would you have some time this week to connect for a 5-minute call and exchange insight?


Awaiting your response!

S.... G....
Business Development Representative
XXX Company
XXX N X Street
Chicago, Illinois


The Answer:
Art of Eloquence doesn't have need of a two day shipping program because we sell digital products that are available to the customer IMMEDIATELY after purchase. You'd probably be surprised to know that MOST of the emails I receive from people trying to sell something to Art of Eloquence (not the obvious spam emails, but the legit ones) have never even LOOKED at our site!  Know how I know?  

I've had emails from people asking if they can list our art supplies in their catalog for a fee.  Well, ya can't blame 'em, can you? Art is right in the name!  LOL  I could list many other examples, but you get the point.   

The Problem:
People don't value communication skills these days because they confuse the ease at which communication can be delivered with the effectiveness of said communication.  Emailing and texting are simple to do, but the skill it takes to get someone to act on that communication is of MUCH more importance. 

If you think you don't need to know your audience unless you are in sales, you're dead wrong!  Ever try to minister to someone who is going through something you know nothing about?  You can't reach them if you don't know where they are. 

Ever try to share the Gospel with someone before you know where they stand on the subject of God? How you talk to someone who is Hindu is very different than how you talk to someone who is Atheist.  

The Solution:
Communication skills are of vital importance if you wish to get anything across to anyone using any format.  

If you haven't studied communication skills, if you haven't taught them to your children...visit ArtofEloquence.com right now and check out our entire catalog!

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