How will you use your communication power in 2021?

Communication is a power given to us by God. He asks us in His Word to share the Gospel. There are many other ways in which we can use the power of communication. How will you use yours in 2021? 

Most people don't ever think about how they can use the incredible power that God gives us, but I think after the year we had, it's even more vital than ever before. 

Do you feel called to stand up for a cause that was brought to light in 2020?

Do you feel it's important to share the Gospel in a particular way in 2021? 

Are you feeling the Lord ask you to defend the Bible? 

Many things that happened in 2020 made it clear to me that standing up and speaking out for the things of the Lord was even more vital. So many of our freedoms were taken away in the name of safety. 

How do you think we should respond? 

It is possible to stand up in grace and speak out truth with respect, but most aren't doing that. Most people either decide to be quiet or shout disrespectful rhetoric at the other side. 

If you don't feel prepared to speak out effectively, check out all the resources here on the Art of Eloquence catalog of courses! We can help!

If you haven't prepared your children to stand up and speak out, you NEED to check out our materials! They will inherit a much more difficult world than we did! They'll need to be prepared to do that even more than we were! 

Don't leave them unprepared! Check out Art of Eloquence materials now!


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