Happy New Year Half OFF from Art of Eloquence!

2019 was a very strange year for Art of Eloquence. Facebook demoted me from admin on all my fan pages so I haven't been able to post on them since June. I spent the year adding diagnoses to my list and that meant more fatigued days.

While I'm no longer writing weekly blog posts, I've already written on every communication subject I can think of that society is in need of mastering. It's all here. Whether you're a homeschooler needing to tackle shyness in your child or a speech and debate class or you are an adult just wanting to resolve some conflicts, you'll find what you need on this site!

As it's January, the customary month for homeschoolers to schedule for a new semester or mid-year class, I've decided to give out a very special code that will allow homeschoolers to purchase an eBook at a discount just for the rest of this month. 

ANY Art of Eloquence homeschool study you want to purchase will be 50% off for this month ONLY! 

Just order any homeschool material and put in "homeschool2020" without the quotes and the shopping cart will automatically take off 50%! Order as many as you like and you STILL get 50% off!!  Order as big a PACKAGE and STILL get 50% off...but only til the end of this month so order NOW! 

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