Gundar, the Technology Gremlin, Has Put Me Behind Schedule...

Many of you have been taking advantage of our Sizzling Summer Sale this month and I have good news for you.  Although we originally had planned for the sale to feature all 14 of our titles for only one week, we are going to continue to leave them all on the sales list for a little while longer.  You see, Gundar the Technology Gremlin and his minions have been hard at work at our house the past several weeks.                                                                                                                                 First, my computer's Windows crashed. It took us two and a half weeks, countless phone calls to Dell and Microsoft, a re-installation flash drive, and several gray hairs to get it up and running. Unfortunately, we lost ALL our data.   Next, my iPad was frozen for a while, which was a bigger deal than it would have been considering I'd been using it to run my businesses all that time.  Then, my iPhone decided to lock up causing what was left of my sanity to question its existence.  Finally, after taking inventory of the brain cells left in tact, I had a serious health issue that put me even more behind.  I am having surgery on the 19th of this month.

So, after careful consideration, we have decided to just leave the sale as is (with all 14 of our most popular titles at the sale price of only $7 each) as it is until I have had time to catch up on our other Grape Stuff site, which has a brand new product, show, newsletter and Facebook group that is launching this coming week (two weeks late).  

Check out all the titles we have available during our Sizzling Summer Sale this month by clicking on the link.  And please share this with any homeschool groups or individuals you know.  This is actually a perfect time to keep the sale going as most homeschoolers are working on gathering curricula for the coming school year.  


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