Free Shyness Workshops in our Facebook Group next week!

If you're struggling with shyness or social anxiety and you haven't yet joined my FREE Facebook group,Overcome Shyness & Social Anxiety to Unleash Your Unique Child of God!, you'll want to join me right NOW!  

I'll be hosting a series of daily Facebook Live Workshops inside the group this coming week designed to supercharge your journey to overcoming your fear and build your confidence so you can fulfill your dreams for the kingdom of God!  

If you are like me when I was young, you have a dream you'd love to build or a mission you feel called to fulfill, but fear is holding you back from meeting, contacting, or otherwise pursuing them! You may have tried to step out of your comfort zone, but were not comfortable enough to follow through or you didn't really know how. 


This group is for anyone who struggles with shyness or anxiety about social situations or even those who, for whatever reason, feel socially awkward. It's also for those who are intimidated to speak up on the topics they feel strongly about and those who are not sure if they come across in an effective way and so shy away from those topics. Come on down!

I can help you get there because I've been where you are! I was so afraid to talk to people I didn't even wave back when someone waved at me! I'll bet you're not that shy, but I was! I got out of it, but it took me a VERY long time. But it doesn't have to take YOU that long because I know what worked. 

I'll get you on your way quicker than anything you've ever tried I'm willing to bet. It's absolutely free if you're a member of the group so just join my Facebook group for all the details! Don't miss this opportunity to move forward past your fears. Let me help you get started FREE OF CHARGE next week. Click here to join and get the details on how to take advantage of this offer. 


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