Introducing the Christian Leadership Academy


If you're a Christian conservative and you've been on social media lately, you know just how difficult it can be to share your opinions and ideas. For quite some time the rhetoric has been antagonistic towards Christians and conservatives in general, but post COVID19 it's reached new highs or should I say lows. 

In the almost 18 years of Art of Eloquence history, I've been sharing about how important being able to communicate effectively, but it's never been as vital as it is right now. I'm on a mission to teach the Christian community how to stand up and speak out for the missions, ministries, and businesses they represent. 

To that end, I've created a group on Facebook, Christian Leadership Academy, where I share my daily tips and encouragement whether it's a deep shyness or a social anxiety about sharing their views openly. This is a free group where I share daily tips as well as a weekly Facebook Live workshop. 

Make sure you join the group now because the last week of October is going to be HUGE! If you have a mission, ministry, or business and you want to share that vision with boldness and grace! Check this out: 

If you or someone you know is having a difficult time sharing their ideas or struggles with shyness of any kind, come join me! 

See you on the inside!    



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