Poor Car Communication or Navigation Aggravation

Automobiles are getting so techie these days, they practically talk to you.  Well, they DO talk to you.  They tell you your door is ajar.  They buzz and ring and carry on when you begin to drive without your seat belt on. Their nav system has an audible voice that tells you how to get to places you aren't familiar with.  

But how good a communicator ARE they?  Often, not very! Here are two recent examples of my own. Your mileage may vary!  ROFL 

1. So they other day, a week after my parathyroid surgery, I needed to find my way to my bone specialist's office.  Two thirds of the way there the blue line that tracks the nav on my screen disappeared and Nav Lady stopped giving me audible directions. Then, suddenly as if she woke up from a nap in the passenger seat, she directed me to a series of apartment buildings in the middle of nowhere and proclaimed, "You have arrived at your destination!"  Ever arrived at your destination and had NO EARTHLY IDEA WHERE YOU ARE?!  

Reminded me of the time it told me to turn left to get to church...into a CORN FIELD!  And the time that it had me making U turns one after the other, going in circles til I was dizzy!

2. My latest example was only a few days later when I finally got a picture of something I've been trying to capture ever since we purchased the car.  The minute you pull out of the garage, the screen displays the above message as if to say, "Hey!  Read this!  What are you doing reading this?!  Eyes on the road!"  ROFL

Seems to me the makers of these navigation devices could use a bit of instruction in effective communication.  Either that or the little mouse in there fell off his wheel.  What say you? 


  • Tanya

    My boyfriend and I were using a gps last yet that, we found out was outdated. It keep telling us to take a left or right but didn’t give street names. It usually was supposed to be the second left and not the first.

  • JoJo Tabares

    Most nav systems can be turned off, but the other message systems and alerts probably not. In fact, I have one right now that needs to be fixed. My alert says the tire pressure is low in one of my tires, but it’s not. One of the OTHER tires was low, but not that one. The tire on the alert changes, but none of them are low at the moment so I’ll have to get that fixed. Electronics in a car can be difficult, but these days, everything is electronic and talks to you.

  • Sabrina Quairoli

    I am dreading purchasing a new car because of this reason. I have a love-hate relationship with Siri, so having a car telling me all these instructions will be torture. At least, I can turn Siri off. I don’t think I can do that with the car.

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