If you're tired of the venom on social media, you can be part of the solution!

It almost feels like the end of the world, doesn't it? First, there was the pandemic when we saw those who were frightened of getting (or passing along) the virus pitted against those who were afraid of losing their income and their freedoms. Next, it was the protests turned riots that spawned racism accusations. Then, we had politics bring even more division with the upcoming election. And in between, there was some talk of Murder Hornets!

I know I'm probably dating myself when I tell you that, back in my day, people disagreed fairly respectfully with each other. They listened to the other side's thoughts and ideas and discussed them. 

My parents (and my siblings and I) are conservatives, but many in our extended family are liberals. We've usually been able to discuss things without it coming to blows. My grandmother always encouraged my father to discuss the issues even if they disagreed.

Our country was founded on freedom (including free speech).  Unfortunately, never in the history of our country (until now) has freedom of speech been bent and twisted to mean "I get to scream at you all I want, but you don't have the right to disagree with me!" And I see it coming from both sides of the political aisle.


It is more important than ever that we communicate in grace because, when we do, we have a much higher likelihood of being effective! Just because you believe you are right and the other person is wrong doesn't mean he will be persuaded by what you say. And isn't that the reason we speak out on important topics...to try to persuade them? 

The world has changed in the last few decades. If you are a Christian who would like to see others accept Jesus or whose ministry is to save the unborn, you'll need to learn to learn to speak with boldness tempered by grace in order to reach people with your message. However, the biggest reason isn't how effective we will be for the kingdom of God, but how our children may reach others. 

Life has gotten more complicated since we were young. It's more difficult than ever for faith-filled Christians to navigate the world that has rejected the Bible...and not just to reach the unsaved, but simply to live our lives AS Christians. 

When I was in college, I wasn't afraid to speak out about my beliefs because most of my peers and professors were willing to listen. However, my children had to navigate and negotiate their way in their universities.

Today there are professors who will not give a passing grade to a student if they don't write their paper with the same liberal stance. These days, just voicing an opinion that counters what the liberal media tells us is right will get you in trouble. Do you think it will get BETTER for your children when they are older? 

It will get harder for our children and harder still for their children unless we equip them to stand up and speak out, but in a way that will help ensure their success! 

Whether you like social media or not, you and your children will have to navigate your way through it because it's here to stay and is ever-evolving. You and your children need to learn to be effective communicators now in order to fulfill the mission that God has for you. 

It is for this reason that I have decided to go back to posting here weekly each and every Wednesday. And, as luck would have it (or should I say how the Lord has planned it), Facebook saw fit to give me back my fan pages (including my Art of Eloquence fan page) a year and a day (literally) after they took my admin status because of a glitch in their system. I believe it was the result of Facebook trying to silence conservative and faith-based voices like ours. They've had some pushback and that may be why I (and probably many other) fan page owners were given back their pages...for such a time as this?!

I felt God leading me to continue spreading the word about how conservative and Christian voices may be heard above the shouts of those that speak against our beliefs. I pray that you arm yourself with the knowledge that will help you fulfill your God-given ministry and that of your children! 

Keep an eye out for my weekly blog articles and don’t forget to check out the Art of Eloquence site for all the materials you and your children can use to equip you to speak up boldly tempered by grace! 

If you're tired of the venom on social media, won't you join me in being part of the solution?


JoJo Tabares
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