What one word best describes your state of mind?

It's time again for The Monthly Mouthful. Last month, I asked my readers what one word or phrase you didn't want to hear this year.  Some of you shared slang you were tired of hearing while others chose words that described struggles they had endured the prior year.  It was rather fun getting to know my readers.  Thank you all for sharing your thoughts!  My prayers are with all who shared struggles that they would be blessed in 2016.

This month, I'd like you all to share the one word or phrase that best describes your state of mind at present.  Some of you are experiencing life's joys and others are going through trying times.  If you are happy to report a blessing, I'd love it if you'd share that so that we may rejoice with you.  If you are currently undergoing trials, I'd be honored if you would share as much as you'd like to about that so that we may pray for you and your family.  

The blessings or trails we experience in life contribute to our state of mind and how we see the world.  It also colors how we describe the world and how we communicate with others.  Dark times often darken our perception and the words we use as well as how we deal with others.  


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In my case, the word I'd choose is confusion.  It's a very confusing time for me for many reasons: 

Insomnia and brain fog from several of my chronic illnesses have overwhelmed my cognitive function and often my sanity.  Recently, I spent three to five minutes trying to recall my last name.  To be fair, I have only been married for 29 years!  In addition, not too long ago I found myself in front of the pantry for an extended time period after which I remembered that what I was looking for is kept in the refrigerator.  When asked, I told my son that I was looking for the Avocado Juice.  For those of you who don't speak Perimenopause, that means Almond Milk.  

Aside from the "Mental Pause" issues, I have experienced a series of overwhelming life events: our daughter's wedding in June of last year, our recent move to the Indy area where I am unfamiliar with my surroundings, the fact that my dh had been out of work for almost a year, his job which is as yet only temporary, and an increase in body parts that either hurt or no longer function as advertised.  

What one word or phrase would you say best describes your state of mind?  How may we rejoice with or pray for you?  


  • JoJo Tabares

    Praying for safe travels. What a blessing to have your entire family together.

  • Julie

    Thankful – my middle son (he’s 20) will be studying in France this summer. It will be his first summer not being home, and while I’m extremely excited for him, I know it’s the beginning of the end of his ‘childhood’. However, he is home right now for his spring break, and my other children, my husband, and my granddaughter were all home, and we had such a wonderful weekend together. The house was full of laughter (and some bickering as we played games – we’re all competitive :) ) and love. I’m so thankful for my family! Please pray for his safe travels and for the closeness of our family and for all families. Thank you!

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