Making Lemon Aide...Stand-Up Comedy...Out of Lemons

As many of you know, I love to use humor and I love to find humor in the difficulties of life if I can,especially when dealing with chronic illness/issues.  Not only does it make for good fun when communicating with others, it helps me see the sunny side of struggles.  Well...

So...the past several weeks have been rather stressful for me and I've tried my best to make lemon aide stand-up comedy out of lemons.  So here are a few of my thoughts in no particular order.  Enjoy: 

>The nurse at the dr's office weighed me yesterday. I was not happy with that number so I asked her if she wouldn't mind erasing that and subtracting eight from it before writing in her final answer.

>What does it say about our family that the menopausal woman, who cries at toilet paper commercials, is the morale officer? After prayer, I'm the one in charge of reading funnies I find on Facebook. Oh the irony!

>One score and nine years ago (back on January 24th), our Father brought forth upon this couple a new marriage, conceived in youth, and dedicated to the proposition that both parties were created you can plainly see.

>I don't even have a train of thought anymore. It's just a toy box car full of cobwebs, Twilight Zone episodes, and the Macarena.

>I believe someone secretly switched my ibuprofen for odd looking Tic Tacs. Otherwise, what part of "I'd like the pain to STOP now" don't they understand?

>We're a little touched in the head. We went walking after's 27 degrees...feels like 16...and it's snowing.

>JoJoism#521: "Menopause and Frozen Shoulder don't mix. A hot flash is so much hotter when you can't take off your sweater!" JoJoisms: Revealing Life's I think of 'em!

>Long Hair Problem #10: Putting your hand by your face to brush a hair off that got caught in your eyelashes, getting your finger caught in your hair on the way down, and having it get even more tangled in your hair forest during the long trip back to your side.

I'm actually thinking of creating some videos with my own brand of Stand Up Comedy. I'm thinking I'd be the Menopause Comic bringing Comedy to the Brain Fogged Masses.  But enough about me...

How 'bout you?  Got any of yours to add to my giggle fest?  Share a comment below: 


  • JoJo Tabares

    Thank you, Brianna! Glad you enjoyed the post. I love making people laugh.

  • brianna

    hahaha. You had some good ones here. :)

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