Why you need to resolve this year to be a more effective communicator

Study after study shows that effective communicators have longer marriages, deeper friendships, better relationships, more successful college and career experiences, make more money and are generally happier than their less articulate counterparts.  Most people know communication is important, but they don’t fully understand to what degree.  Eighty-seven percent of everything we do during the day is communication related; communication is far more than just making speeches or having good manners.  While you may manage to live your entire life without making a speech, you will not get through one day without communicating something to someone!  You can read more about the Top 10 reasons you and your children should learn effective communication skills here.  

It's not just the words you use, but how you share your ideas and feelings that matter because speaking is not the same thing as communicating.  Most everyone learns to speak eventually, but very few master the art of effective communication.  Very few learn the skills it takes to get their point across in love and with grace.  Precious few these days even find value in taking the time to choose their words carefully let alone studying the skills that will help them bridge friendships, sustain marriages and build the kingdom of God.  

Most people think speech communication only affects lawyers and politicians. Most think communication is just the art of giving a formal speech.  

The truth is that you may go your entire life without having to give a formal speech, but you will not go a day without needing to communicate with friends, family, neighbors or co workers.  


How many times have you found that someone took offense to something you said?  How many times was it due to your not being aware of how you came across to that person?  

 Communication skills are generally not taught in schools unless it's a speech class.  It's not getting through a speech course once or twice that helps you build your communication skills enough to build relationships and leadership opportunities.  It's the continual training and honing of your skills that will allow you to accomplish great things.  And God has them for you to do in your life.  He has chosen you for great things that only YOU can do, but if you are not prepared to share them effectively with others, your mission will be hindered.  

Don't handicap your mission by not learning the skills you need to communicate your ideas to others.  Let Art of Eloquence help!  Check out all our programs and don't forget to train your children.  Children who learn to be effective communicators early in life will be one step ahead of their peers when looking for a job and will help them forge, develop and protect their relationships for a lifetime.  

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  • Susie

    Time for me to get the old Art of Eloquence communication studies out again. If you don’t use it, you lose it. ;) Thanks JoJo!!!

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