Dollar Days! This week ONLY: Get Art of Eloquence Products for JUST $1!  

If you've been meaning to order or have been waiting to purchase some of our fun and creative communication courses and products, THIS IS YOUR LUCKY WEEK!  

We have carefully selected the most fun and creative of our programs and are making one of them available each day for ONE DAY ONLY for just $1! 

If you've been wanting to provide some fun ways to begin to teach your young children about communication skills in order to give them a head start and a leg up in life that will begin a journey to self confidence, better relationships, higher career success, and even higher wages.  

Here's how Dollar Days will work this week: 

Each day and for One Day Only (24 hours), we will unlock and activate the sale price on one of the products.  There is no coupon code you need to apply. The sales price will be on the product pages showing $1 but ONLY during the day that product is on sale.  (12:01am to 12:01am EST the following day) 

Here is the schedule: Monday-Friday of this week. Scroll down for the day's Dollar Deal!

*SALE NO LONGER AVAILABLE: Sale Is Monday, December 7th ONLY!

FIMM's "Meat" and "Grete" Downloadable Game is JUST $1 today only!  

It's a craft, it's a game and it teaches your young children how to meet and greet, introduce themselves and it even throws in a little spelling for good measure!

Developed with shy children in mind, this printable game comes with game board, game pieces, game cards and instructions that help your elementary children learn to "meat and grete," make friends and be social. For two to four players. It's a communication skills exercise:  the more your children play, the more they master the art of conversation, making friends and introductions.  FIMM (Foot in Mouth Man) doesn't spell very well so you can even challenge your children to find the misspelled words on the game.

To order or read more about Foot in Mouth Man's fun communication game, click here!




*SALE NO LONGER AVAILABLE: Sale is Tuesday, December 8th ONLY!

FIMMology 101: The FIMMportant, FIMMtastic and FUNbelievable Study of the Humorous Sins of Our Mouths! ONLY $1 today!

FIMMology (fim-ol'-o-gy) noun: 1. the study of Foot in Mouth Disease; 2. the study of the art of the humorous sins of the mouth. Foot in Mouth Man or FIMM, as he is known, began on my blog in 2006. The idea was to create a loveable yet bumbling character that sailed through his life oblivious to the trouble he caused by his complete lack of effective communication skills. His misadventures serve to educate through humor. FIMM stumbles and bumbles his way through life sticking his foot in his mouth so often he has Athlete’s Tongue! FIMM’s misadventures allow young and old alike the opportunity for insight.  

This downloadable fun-filled study is thirty nine pages and over 30 lessons packed with hilariously, creative Foot in Mouth Man episodes teaching various communication skills!  This is NOT your traditional communication study!  

To order or read more about FIMMology 101, click here!




*SALE NO LONGER AVAILABLE: Sale is Wednesday, December 9th ONLY!

The Play Book: A Play What You Mean Activities eBook is ONLY $1 today!

Children love to play and play is how the Lord intended young children to learn. It is through play that children learn best. The more fun and entertaining something is, the more a child will be willing to learn and the more the child will retain.

This eBook is designed to help parents foster communication skills in young children. Some of these are blasts from the past (with new variations), games that I played as a child...only I didn't know what they were teaching me! In today's techie society, our children have lost touch with these old fashioned games that taught so much about life.

I bring them back to your memory and tell you what communication skills they teach.

To order or read more about The Play Book,click here!





* SALE NO LONGER AVAILABLE: Sale is Thursday, December 10th ONLY!

Say What You Mean for Preschoolers is ONLY $1 today!

Engaging two to three year Christian-based program that grows with your 2-5 year-old child. This study is also perfect for children who are not yet ready for our elementary study. The various activities appeal to different learning styles and levels. Preschool is the best time to begin teaching communication skills-before the fears set in. Use as a homeschool study or as a supplement. Preschool study includes:

  • A Bible quote to set the tone for each chapter
  • " Mom Notes" to help mom with the lessons inside
  • Place for mom to make notes on each chapter to record development
  • User friendly - just pick it up and teach - no teacher prep time required
  • Fun and engaging activities for young kids
  • Just a few minutes per lesson - perfect for little attention spans
  • A Success Chart, Certificate of Achievement and Evaluation Notes
  • Adorable graphics and coloring pages
  • Each activity is labled: Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic learning styles for easy use
  • Adorable coloring pages that illustrate basic communication skills to introduce to your preschooler.
  • Perfect also for boys in early elementary!
  • All NEW graphics!
  • Embedded links to new resources!

To order Say What You Mean for Preschoolers, click here!




*SALE NO LONGER AVAILABLE: Friday, December 11th ONLY!

Say What You Mean on a Job Interview is ONLY $! Today!

And here's a Dollar Day Deal for the teens and adults!  You’ve taken great pains to write the perfect resume.  You’ve spent days searching for jobs online, you’ve contacted headhunters and written meticulous cover letters.  Your hard work has finally paid off and you have a job interview scheduled.  You’re feeling good because you’re well qualified for the position.  But stop for a moment and consider this.  The economy is bad and jobs are scarce.  Companies are being overly cautious about hiring the right candidates.  It doesn’t necessarily matter how well qualified you may be for the job but rather whether the person who interviews you agrees.  So the question to ask yourself is whether you’re confident in your ability to convey to the interviewer that you’re the right person for the job. 

When’s the last time you went on a job interview?  Are you a bit rusty maybe?   Are you prepared to answer all the questions that may be asked?  Maybe you have interviewed recently but aren’t getting called back.  Or perhaps you've never interviewed for a job before.  With so many people competing for the few available openings in this tough economic climate, can you afford to be ill prepared for the interview?  You need every edge you can get.  This study gives you tips and techniques that give you an edge over your competition:

Take a look at some of what you’ll learn:
* Preparation Dos and Don’ts
* General Interview questions you may be asked
* Questions they may ask if you are leaving a job
* Work habits questions
* Quantifying your experience and accomplishments
* Questions to ask your interviewer
* Presentation skills
* Step by step prep assignments
* Role play Mock interview charts to identify and track your progress

To order or read more about Say What You Mean on a Job Interview, click here!

NOTE: Check back each day this week M-F to see which products are available for JUST $1!  Those in RED are either not yet available or no longer available for the sale price of just $1.  The one in GREEN is available today for only $1 until midnight EST.  

And then don't forget to check back here on the blog next week for another post with five more special priced ONE DAY offers just for you this Christmas!

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