AoE Year in Review!

After 13 years, Art of Eloquence had gone through some major changes in 2015!  Here's what happened and what it means for YOU!

Last year was to be the Year of Faith.  However, I was unable to see it through after I broke my left hand in a car accident and was unable to type until I relearned how to do it now that my middle finger's motto is "go left young digit."  I'm happy to report that after almost two yrs of training and practice, I don't have much trouble typing most of the time. Then this year had some new challenges in store for Art of Eloquence.  

While trying to work up some holiday specials, I found that not only was the Art of Eloquence website out of date, but our shopping cart was corrupted and would no longer allow me to change prices, add coupon codes or make changes to product pages.  So...I began the long journey of redesigning the entire website. 

That task was further complicated by the fact that, back in early June, I stretched my right arm up, heard a loud CRACK, and damaged the bursa (hope I'm spelling that correctly) of my shoulder...which got inflamed, developed scar tissue and into full blown Frozen Shoulder.  I've been in physical therapy for a month or so and some of my range of motion is just now coming back thanks to the head physical terrorist, Christy.  The excruciating pain that went to Def Con 5 has subsided and now resides at a level just below BOY IS THIS REALLY PAINFUL!  For my next trick, I'm going to rediscover the muscles in my right arm which have gone on a long vacation.  

So...the site is now DONE and we have some BIG things coming in 2016 for you!

1. We installed an affiliate program in our new site that gives YOU the opportunity to earn 50% on all orders that come in from your affiliate link and even those that no longer come in through there for up to a year!  You can read more info on this program here!  

2. I'm going to start my blog back up (as you can plainly see). It'll be a weekly blog that will tackle the communication issues of the day!  Make sure you are signed up or check back each week. You won't want to miss these!  In fact, I'd love for you to comment below on what you think the biggest communication issues, problems and pet peeves are for 2016!  I'll take them all in and respond in one of my upcoming weekly posts!

3. We are working on some new programs for adults for the biggest communication issues that face us today!  Stay tuned to this blog for more details as I have them!  

Meanwhile, I pray 2016 will bring blessings to you and your family!



  • JoJo Tabares

    Thanks so much, Kerry! So happy to know that my work is helping your dd! God bless you and your family!

  • Kerry

    What a year you’ve had! The new site looks great. I tell other homeschool moms about your materials all the time. My daughter struggles with a speech disorder, and the Art of Eloquence is helping her with the communication challenges. So grateful to have found you several months ago.

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