We Declare 2014: The Year of Faith

purple bibleThere is no one-size-fits-all way to communicate with people and that is even more important when it comes to something as controversial as faith.  In order to relate to those we minister to, we need to employ effective communication skills.  Sharing our faith is as much how we say it as what we say.  There no right way to communicate to everyone, but there are many wrong ways and in today's anti-Christian culture, it's even more important that we avoid those. Over the next year, I will be giving you in-depth information about the best ways to share our faith as well as how to respond to anti-Christian bias and even how to handle conflicts within the Christian community.  My goal with this year-long series of weekly newsletter articles will be to give the Christian community the tools it needs to understand unbelievers and the questions and issues they have, to inspire confidence in sharing the faith and the grace to temper their boldness with humility so that our message is better received.  In addition, I'll be pointing out the anti-Christian bias inside our own country, the media's role in all this and how critical it is that the Christian community respond effectively in boldness and truth but tempered by grace. Today, most Christians either don't speak up or they do so in a way that alienates and offends most unbelievers.  The reason for that is that most people today (both Christians and non Christians) don't understand the importance of effective communication.  In addition, there is a social trend that seeks to empower the individual, but neglects to take into account the responsibility for the fall out when their communication method is offensive.  Many of today's Christians believe that since God's Word is offensive to some, they are justified or even expected to be offensive in their delivery.  I can't tell you how many times I have heard an unbeliever utter something like, "If that's a Christian, I sure don't want to be one!" What happens when we share our faith in one of the many wrong ways is what I believe has taken us to a place where people no longer even want to discuss the issue and where most Christians don't try.  Some of the methods taught today in the church are not only ineffective, but counterproductive.  I know, because I grew up in an Atheist home and my family is of Jewish heritage.  I know what the religious discussions look like from the inside and I have a heart to give my insight to the Christian community in order to help us drive more people to the Lord instead of away from Him as is currently the norm. As is often said, we may be the only Bible some people ever read.  We are an example and people are watching us.  My prayer is to raise up a community of Bible believing saints to share the Word of God in such a way that we are privileged to hear a comment like my daughter recently recieved in praise of the way she graciously shared her faith.  "I wish all Christians were like you!" Lastly, please cover Art of Eloquence in prayer as we embark on this year-long journey.  Every time we host an event, run a special or release a promo regarding our study, Say What You Mean: Defending the Faith , we have found ourselves under spiritual attack.  As we have prepared for a full year of focus on sharing and defending the faith, we have already encountered several challenges that have delayed us or created hurdles to climb.  In the last few months, my health has deteriorated, we have had computer problems, lap top issues, iPhone problems, email troubles, our website has been hacked three times, and my glasses mysteriously broke...and those are only the ones I can remember.  We'd appreciate your prayers as we devote a full year to preparing the faithful and the faith-filled in the Great Commission. Please share this message with your friends and have them subscribe to our newsletter so we can reach even more of the Christian community in 2014! Thank you.


  • doudoune parajumpers

    Hi there, I enjoy reading all of your posts.
    I like to write a little comment to support you.

  • Art of Eloquence

    Thank you, Linda.

  • Linda Gabriel

    Sounds like a plan! May the Lord bless your efforts going into 2014 as you help to equip the saints to be effective in sharing their faith with a lost world.

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