Make sure people know they’re special to you

Reading newspaperPart of effective communication has nothing to do with the words we use, but our attitude. Do you look them in the eye when you speak to people or is your attention divided as you text, talk on the phone, watch something on TV or read the paper? Do you use generic terms when you answer them or do you give them specific feedback? Are you warm and inviting?  Do you tell them why they are special to you?  Do you share your thoughts and feelings with them?  Have you taken the time to offer help when needed?  Really listen when they share? Making people feel special is the building blocks of a good friendship.  That involves several things: Noticing things about others helps you to let them know they mean something to you. Are they wearing a new coat?  Do they appear distracted?  Have they recently lost a loved one?  A job?  Making a point to pick up on clues helps us to treat our friends and family members with more care, but picking up on these things is only the first step.  Once you've taken the time to notice, you'll need to let them know that you did-even if you are pressed for time.  ESPECIALLY if you are pressed for time!  Why?  Because nothing says "I'm special" more than a friend who gives what little she has.  If you give a little bit of the time you have when you are rushed, that speaks volumes to your friend about how special she is to you. It's often the little things we don't always take the time to do in the modern rushed world that makes all the difference in our relationships.  But what about when that relationship is already strained by a history of poor communication, misunderstandings and missed opportunities? If you are looking to repair a damaged relationship, Art of Eloquence can help.  Check out Say What You Mean: Avoiding, Reducing and Resolving Conflicts.  Browse our free lesson at the bottom of the page.  If you purchase this study, you’ll learn how to avoid conflicts or even reduce their effects so that you may build closer relationships with others. Or sign up for this month’s webinar: Resolving Conflicts and get this study as a bonus gift! Consider what a closer relationship will mean to your life and ask yourself if it’s worth a few dollars and a little of your time to have that again.


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