Birthday Bash Contest#7: It Is Well Soap

It’s Birthday Bash Time and you know what that means!  Time for our Facebook fan page party with free gifts and, of course, our contests where you can win free prizes like this one! From: Nichole Pancheri, It Is Well Soap Lotion bar, deodorant, soaps and lip balm package from It Is Well Soap  (value $35.75) Do you have any skin issues: dry, cracked, burning, rashes? These issues are what started our venture into all natural home made personal care products.  Since we have been using them, we haven’t had any more skin issues at all! This package includes a lotion bar and our aluminum free deodorant (you can choose the scent), 2 bars of soap (lavender and dad’s signature blend) and 3 lip balms (vanilla, peppermint and sweet orange). For more detailed listings of ingredients, please visit our website at All of our products are made with high quality oils.  We only use ingredients that are all natural and beneficial to your skin.  They will leave your skin feeling soft and moisturized. (One winner will be chosen)   TO ENTER THIS CONTEST: to win this gift package from It Is Well Soap, post a comment on this blog post with the communication topic you'd like Art of Eloquence to write more (or create a video) about. Winner will be selected from among the correct answers and announced by November 8th. Winner must have a valid email address and has two days to claim the prize or another winner will be chosen. *NOTE: Check out all our other contests and our Facebook Party on our Birthday Bash Page! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Congratulations to our winner: Laura M.!  


  • Kelly

    I would love to see more videos, information on talking to kids about ending bullying.

  • Carla

    I’d like to see segments on communicating with your spouse (family) as you age. I know you’re not as old as I am, but you’ve been married a fairly long time. What happens when you think you know everything the other person is going to say, but then you find out after X years you really don’t? Communication DOES change over time and it’s not always all lollipops and roses.

  • Dawn

    Oh, so many good ideas already mentioned. How about repairing burnt bridges?

  • Jalynn Patterson

    I would like to see more about the family as a whole.

  • Laura M.

    I’d love to see more on dealing with hot-button issues with logic, truth, and clarity and heaping measures of grace. This is such a needed area in today’s culture.

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