Birthday Bash Contest#3: WriteShop

It's Birthday Bash Time and you know what that means!  Time for our Facebook fan page party with free gifts and, of course, our contests where you can win free prizes like this one! From WriteShop WriteShop Level 1 Fold-N-Go® Grammar Pack ($19.95 value) – International winners will receive the e-book version ($11.95 value) Hands-on introduction to grammar rules and essential writing skills. Make 10 colorful, lapbook-style folders, each devoted to a different skill such as Punctuation, Self-Editing, Nouns, and References and watch grammar become your child’s favorite subject! Ages 8-11. (Two winners will be chosen)   TO ENTER THIS CONTEST: to win a copy of WriteShop Level 1 Fold-N-Go Grammar Pack, post a comment on this blog post with the name of the Art of Eloquence study you learned the most from or hope to in the future and why. Winner will be selected from among the correct answers and announced by November 8th. Winner must have a valid email address and has two days to claim the prize or another winner will be chosen. *NOTE: Check out all our other contests and our Facebook Party on our Birthday Bash Page! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Congratulations to our two winners: Ambre and Rebecca K.!


  • Stephanie B.

    I haven’t done a study yet but would love to purchase the 21 Days to More Godly Communication. It is a daily struggle with me to communicate with God and to recognize the times He is telling me something. Even more of a struggle to be the example for my kids and to teach them how to talk with God as well…

  • Rachael

    I am new to AOE. Just clicked on a link thru FB about three weeks ago. Very excited to start using AOE and learning about what it ahs to offer. I homeschool three children 11, 7, 6. Just from reading the post above, I am interested in Say What You Mean Every Day.

  • Carla

    My favorite AOE study and the one that taught me the most was Say What You Mean Every Day. I mean, hey, every day is. . . well, it’s every day! To quote (or paraphrase) YOU. . . you can go through your whole life without ever making a speech, but you can’t go through one day without communicating something to someone!"

  • Patti W.

    I haven’t done any studies yet…..but would be interested to use the “Say What You Mean” for kids. Looks thorough..and from the comments, looks like it would be insightful for helping children learn to adjust topics of discussion, based on who they are talking with. Looks great!

  • Terri Duncan

    I would love to do the Faith study. I feel sometimes that I might not be saying the right things about Religion or the Bible. Although, I feel pretty confident on most issues- I always have that fear that I just may not be right..and that holds me back. I would like to be able to avoid some arguments and be more comfortable sharing about Jesus.

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