Tomorrow is Information Overload Day

For all of you who feel overwhelmed, here's your Friday giggle...


"Okay, Mildred. I guess I can have the report on your desk in ten minutes.  All I need to do is find the library references, incorporate today's news reports, search the internet for relevent resources, and our files to make sure we haven't done something like this in the past twenty years."

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  • Art of Eloquence

    I agree. My dd and my son have less trouble. My biggest information overload comes when I try to get info on health issues. I ask on FB and get 600 different answeres then I Goggle and get 2000 more. Ask a dr and you get even more. It’s hard not to be overwhelmed with contradictory information and be even less sure of what to do than you were before you asked.

  • Carla

    That’s how I feel most days! arghhhh Those of us “of an age” get hit with information overload all the time. I think the younger ones handle it better as they’re used to it. Speaking for myself, it’s difficult NOT to get overwhelmed in this information overload age we live in!

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