Bad Poetry Day

Tomorrow is Bad Poetry Day.  To celebrate I want all of you to post a comment with some really bad poetry. Here is mine.

Roses are Red

Violets are Purple

You thought I'd say Blue

But they really are...NOT! 

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  • Carla

    Not a great poet here, but I love your purple violets. I mean, hey, come on. . . they ARE purple! LOL

  • Art of Eloquence

    Wow, thanks, Ashley!! You all have done beautifully!

  • ashley

    My precious child
    upon my lap
    smelling of lavender and rosewater
    skin powd’ry soft
    hair gleaming in the sunlight like my own secret treasure
    looks up at me with molten chocolate eyes
    smile of an angel
    and my thoughts are consumed
    by the overwhelming need
    to dig that big, green chunk out of her nose

  • Art of Eloquence

    :D You are so creative!

  • Suzanne Stewart

    How about this one??

    The scum has come,
    My cup is numb,
    My cocoa has gone cold.
    The marshmallow goo
    Is sticking like glue,
    It’s a nasty thing to behold.

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