Radio has come a long way since 1922!

All this month, I've been writing about communication technology as we celebrate Effective Communications Month and tomorrow is the anniversary of the 1st presidential radio speech.  On June 14th, 1922, President Warren G. Harding, while addressing a crowd at the dedication of a memorial site for the composer of the "Star Spangled Banner," Francis Scott Key, becomes the first president to have his voice transmitted by radio. Technology has come a long way since then, and today, anyone can have a radio show expressing their political, religious or other views thanks to the communication technology called TalkShoe.  If you've been a blog reader for a while, you might remember that I used to have a weekly internet radio show called Grace Talk Soup.  I loved the creativity of the weekly show, but when my cohost had to leave, I knew it was time to scale back and now I do a monthly audio seminar or panel instead.  In fact, today at 2pm PST, I'm going to interview my good friend, Joan Rudder-Ward.  She'll share her experiences with racism accusations she says illustrate that society has come to a point where we are so quick to call people racists that we may damage our relationships or miss out on some wonderful people along the way. Join us online: or via phone: 724) 444-7444 Call ID: 19736  Catch it live or risk Gundar (The Technology Gremlin) not allowing me to archive the audio after the show.  Whether you use TalkShoe, BlogTalkRadio or any number of other fabulous venues, anyone can start their own radio show.  Why would you want to?  * Share your political beliefs and affect change. * Share the Gospel or discuss important religious issues to serve the Lord. * Share tips and teach a valuable skill or interest to others. * Fellowship, entertain and have fun with like-minded people. What's the downside of having your own radio show so accessible? Any time something is so easy any monkey can do it, you're bound to find that several monkeys do.  There is a great deal of fabulous info on the internet and some really awful stuff as well.  The same is true of internet radio.  But on the whole, it's a blessing to have this technology available to us even if it forces us to be more discerning.  And maybe that's a really good thing anyway.  What say you? ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ If you liked this post, read…Seven Reasons Why YOU Should Sign Up for the Art of Eloquence Newsletter


  • Art of Eloquence

    Can’t wait myself.

  • Carla

    Grace Talk Soup WAS fun, wasn’t it? I may or may not be home by 2 p.m. so I’m praying Gundar does NOT show up. I would love to hear Joan’s views on this very important topic.

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