Share your family's made up words

Wednesdays are usually the times when I share an obscure word or a deeper meaning of a commonly used word.  Since we've been celebrating Dr. Seuss this week, I thought I'd ask you all to share your own favorite made up words/terms this Word of the Week. Dr. Seuss made up silly, nonsense words and terms for his books.  It's what made his books so much fun.  Some made up words eventually find their way into the dictionary.  Many of the words we commonly use today were made up by a man named William Shakespeare. My family has made up words and terms.  My daughter and son made up the word "nork," a combination of the word nerd and dork which they affectionately use with each other as a term of endearment.  My son claims to be the Supreme Alpha Nork to Infinity, which I suppose, is a high honor.  lol What words has your family made up?  Please share your family's word stories. If you liked this post, please subscribe to our RSS feed and share the link…


  • Dawn

    My grandfather is a tinkerer, and he can fix just about anything using crazy things no one thinks of using, but it works. In our family we call that a “Herb-job” whenever we have to rig something together. Unfortunately he is losing is eyesight and can’t tinker too much anymore, but I think “Herb-job” will be something we all use for the rest of our lives.

  • JoJo

    Some of these words stay in the family for a lifetime. When my brother was little, my grandfather had a big retirement party in Miami, Florida. We all went for a trip down there from NY. My brother got upset and said it wasn’t YOUR Ami it was EVERYBODY’S AMI!

  • Carla

    The one infamous word in my family is “fudgenuts.” My eldest picked up the F word from his grandmother (yeah, I know) early on. By the time he was 3, he knew how to spell it and use it correctly in a sentence. (GROAN!) As just telling him not to say it didn’t work, we started looking around for a fix. One day I said “Fudgenuts!” and he giggled madly. So every time he would say the one word, I would tell him, “No, say fudgenuts instead. It’s a much funnier and cooler word!” It took a week or two, but he finally made the switch. He is 20 now and still says I should make a recipe and market fudgenuts. LOL

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