Visual JoJoism #86 Insomnia and the Sandwich

Many people have asked me how I'm able to come up with all these JoJoisms.  I think they expect me to reveal some insight to my purposeful creative genius.  I think the truth is closer to this.  I suffer from insomnia.  Getting very little sleep each night does things to a person's state of mind.  The brain tends to look at things from a peculiar angle.  We see things, not always as they are or even as we wish them to be, but as if we were standing on our heads trying to hold a candle upsidedown in a blizzard.  Here's a bit of insight into that...

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  • JoJo


  • Carla

    Hey, your insomnia serves a purples! And what’s wrong with standing in the middle of the living room looking for a sandwich? I do that anyway. It’s called OLD AGE. ROFLOL!

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