Communication Skills in the news: Herman Cain

Don't look now, but Gundar, our own personal Technology Gremlin, hasn't been as busy here at Art of Eloquence the last few days.  Yes, we still have some computer issues, but our newly redesigned website and shopping cart are working just fine.  That gave us some time to start thinking about the kinds of information (and FUN) we'd like to have for you in 2012. You're going to start seeing some changes right here on the AoE Blog and also in our newsletter beginning this week!  We're bringing back some old favorites (categories)...with a twist! Mailbag Mondays start back up again today and will feature thngs like my commentary on the communication skills of a political figure or entertainer, my take on a recent social event or issue, some of the questions our customers ask most and reports of communication trends or innovations that affect how we communicate with one another. Another feature we are bringing back is Word Wednesdays.  This category will include obscure words, vocabulary issues, how words have changed over the years, new terms emerging with technological advances and how the media and the politically correct have purposefully acted to change the meanings of certain words in order to fit their agenda. Today's Mailbag Monday report is on Herman Cain. I was incredibly impressed with Herman Cain's speech to the media directly answering the allegations against him by these women who recently came forward accusing him of sexual misconduct.  He was direct, clear and quite articulate in answering the issues. Cain addressed each of the issues the public might have been concerned about and he did it with conviction and sincerity. The strongest issues he addressed during his speech were 1) the complete lack of evidence and 2) the fact that some of his accusers were unnamed and that some of the informants were unidentified.  3) In addition, he said what many of his supporters were thinking-that this type of unfounded accusation only serves to distract from the message and 4) that the media had a duty to uncover the facts.  5) At a time when many Americans are tired of the same old political rhetoric, Herman Cain doesn't speak like a politician; he presents himself well and speaks plain English directly responding to the issues without skirting them.   6) Lastly, he assured the American people that he was strong enough to deal with issues like these and that he had even expected them. This particular speech as well as others I have heard, reflect a strong leader who is prepared for the reality of public office.   Herman Cain presents himself as an honest, likeable man who isn't running for the highest office in the land for the power, but for the country.  He comes across as a fresh alternative to politics as usual with some sound ideas for America's future.   I think this was a smart move for Cain and will go a long way in helping him to put these issues to rest allowing him to move forward with his message. If you liked this article, please subscribe to our RSS feed


  • JoJo

    Yes, Both men are impressive communicators. I think Gingrich has more experience and historic/military/foreign policy knowledge than does Cain and so he is a better debater as well. Most people are looking to the debates and he does exceedingly well. Gingrich will be coming up on Mailbag Monday.

  • Carla

    I agree about Herman Cain. He knows how to make a point and he address the issues calmly, directly and with no shuckin’ and jivin’. . . ! Unfortunately, his poll numbers have been slipping and now it’s Romny #1 and Newt #2. Did you hear Newt shellack that CBS idiot who questioned him on law and the Constitution at the last debate. Newt is a history professor. He called the guy on it and gave it to him chapter and verse! I applaud the both of them for clear, direct and persuasive speech!

  • JoJo

    Thanks folks. Glad ou are enjoying the articles.

  • WL Ides

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