Birthday Bash: 7:30pm-Philosophy Adventure

Stacy Farrell from Philosophy Adventure will be sharing on the Art of Eloquence Facebook fan page this Birthday Bash half hour.  Here is what she is offering as a prize for this half hour’s contest: Philosophy Adventure is a program designed to help students cultivate and defend a biblical worldview by teaching them how to write skillfully, think critically, and speak articulately as they explore the history of philosophy. Philosophy Adventure blends a depth of content with an inviting narrative format. It is designed to be ‘just right’ for homeschoolers who want to be comprehensive in their studies—but need a structure that will allow them to succeed in the midst of life and homeschooling realities. To win this prize, you will need to post a comment to this blog post answering this question:  Name two of your favorite Art of Eloquence studies listed on our Speech and Debate page! We’ll be picking a winner from among the correct answers and contacting you via email so make sure you leave your email address on your comment post. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for another chance to win a Birthday Bash prize from Art of Eloquence!  And you might want to subscribe to the blog RSS feed so you don’t miss a contest today! (DISCLAIMER: Communication FUNdamentals, our blog, normally only posts three times a week (MWF) but today we are having a new post/contest each half hour of the Birthday Bash.) Congratulations to our Winner: Kathy A.!


  • JulieCC

    “Say What You Mean: A Creative Speech Course” – My son LOVED this at our HS co-op!
    “Say What You Mean for Teens” – What a great course for teens!

    I’m also excited about Philosophy Adventure. I just heard about it last month!

  • LilMissMom27

    Say What You Mean: Defending the Faith

    Say What You Mean: Beginning Debate

  • Stacy Farrell

    Hi Julie,

    Glad to hear from you. How did you hear about Philosophy Adventure?


    Stacy Farrell

  • Bobbi

    Say What You Mean: The Language of Leadership

    Say What You Mean for Teens

  • Patty

    Say What You Mean for Kids and Know Your Audience

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