Birthday Bash: 4:30pm-Linda Alexander

Linda Alexander will be sharing on the Art of Eloquence Facebook fan page this Birthday Bash half hour.  Here is what she is offering as a prize for this half hour’s contest: The UNPromised Land Because of their faith in Yeshua:
  • They were betrayed by their family
  • Rejected by Israeli Immigration
  • Tormented by unending court trials
  • Reported on by major international news media (Time, Newsweek, CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post)
Gary and Shirley Beresford never wanted to be heroes. A middle-aged Messianic Jewish couple from South Africa, they felt God calling them to live in Israel, the Promised Land. Wanting nothing more than to live quietly and grow old together in the country of refuge for all Jewish people, little did they suspect what events would follow to try their faith. To win this prize, you will need to post a comment to this blog post answering this question:  Name an Art of Eloquence study or package listed on our Faith page!  For an extra chance to win, name one of the issues listed under Did You Ever Feel Like This? We’ll be picking a winner from among the correct answers and contacting you via email so make sure you leave your email address on your comment post. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for another chance to win a Birthday Bash prize from Art of Eloquence!  And you might want to subscribe to the blog RSS feed so you don’t miss a contest today! (DISCLAIMER: Communication FUNdamentals, our blog, normally only posts three times a week (MWF) but today we are having a new post/contest each half hour of the Birthday Bash.) Congratulations to our winner: Meghan!


  • Bonita Ledzius

    Say What You Mean: Defending the Faith

    I tried to share my faith with Bill, but we got into an argument and now he doesn’t want to hear about Jesus from ANYONE.

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