Birthday Bash: 12pm-Gentle Shepherd

Diane Hurst from Gentle Shepherd will be sharing on the Art of Eloquence Facebook fan page this Birthday Bash half hour.  Here is what she is offering as a prize for this half hour’s contest: Picture and Writing: Older Ages These pages are for grades five through eight. There are 11 closely spaced lines to write on. Picture prompts that are unique to this book are: make a picture of a space alien, of a jungle, of an unusual family, of someone playing a sport, of an unusual backyard, of an amusement park ride. The other prompts are the same as those in the Younger Ages book. Five copies will be given away! (Five winners for this one!) x To win this prize, you will need to post a comment to this blog post answering this question:  Name two ways in which a study of speech communication skills can enhance your child's life listed on our Homeschool Curricula page! We’ll be picking FIVE Winners from among the correct answers and contacting you via email so make sure you leave your email address on your comment post. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for another chance to win a Birthday Bash prize from Art of Eloquence!  And you might want to subscribe to the blog RSS feed so you don’t miss a contest today! (DISCLAIMER: Communication FUNdamentals, our blog, normally only posts three times a week (MWF) but today we are having a new post/contest each half hour of the Birthday Bash.) Congratulations to the Winners: Kim Gilbertson, A Ross, Kathy Balman, Dawn and Fibia


  • Barbara

    Studying speech communication enhances their life by boosting their confidence and improving relationships with others.

  • Kathy Balman
    More successful marriage and career later in life Ability to show leadership More confidence and self-esteem

    These are all so true.

  • Tara Jenner
    Ability to show leadership Less likely to question their own faith later in life, if they have the ability to confidently answer the world’s questions about Jesus

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