Didja know that tomorrow is Big Whopper Liar Day?

As I was searching the silly holidays websites, I had to chuckle when I found Big Whopper Liar Day was the day before National Respect Day!  ROFL  I mean, if you really did respect people, you wouldn't be telling any big whopper lies, would you?  Maybe you wouldn't, but kids do! "I didn't break the lamp, Mommy.  Dolly did it!" "I don't know HOW those vitamins got into the trash.  Of course, I've been taking them!" I've heard some whoppers in my time from adults too! And I've often wondered how some of them could keep a straight face knowing that what was coming out of their mouth was utterly ridiculous! "Yes, Ma'am.  If I were in your shoes, I'd pay the $800 unknown charge and wait six months for us to send you a notification in the mail telling you what it is you just paid for!" Have you been told some whoppers recently by our kids?  Your cable company?  A salesman?  What's your favorite?


  • jojosblog

    My favorite had to be the Cable Lady who told me that, if she were me, she’d pay the $800 unspecified charge and wait months to find out what she paid it for.

  • Carla

    Oh, my kids have certainly been whopperlicious through the years. ROFLOL I guess DA GURL was the best at telling stories and hoping I’d believe her. After I called her on it, she’s say, “Well, I had to try, ya know.” LOL I can’t think of anything specific, except when maybe the A-Bomb (name changed to protect the guilty) was very little and I caught him red-handed, literally. . . red marker in hand writing on my WHITE walls and he stood there. . . still red marker in hand. . . insisting that he didn’t do it when I asked him who was writing on the wall? To this day, I don’t think he ever recanted. :)

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