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  • jojosblog

    Oh Lea Ann, I’d love that. I have a purple mop, but my vac is black.

  • Lea Ann @WhateverState

    I’m afraid to say anything. But that post says it all, JoJo.

    Off topic, I think of you now every time we get out our new vacuum. It’s purple.

  • jojosblog

    Peg, I think it’s like blogger. Those with a blogger acct, show up on blogger blogs. Those with a WordPress acct, show up on WordPress blogs.

  • Peg

    Hey, hoiw do I get my mugshot to shoe up here?

  • Peg

    Hmm, methinks he doth protest too much! LOL Even pastor’s need to practice their communication skills, experienced or otherwise. And, yes, his very message indicates he needs LOTS of practice!

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