"Vegetarian" Vegetable Soup?

Continuing with our Other Than Speech Making Month here at Communication FUNdamentals, I found this every day item that just smacks of communication fun.  So I was cooking lunch for my son last week.  Since he was sick, I decided to make him some Campbell's Soup, vegetable soup, VEGETARIAN Vegetable Soup.  No...Seriously!

Isn't that a bit redundant?  So what would NONvegetarian vegetable soup look like?  Well, my husband informs me that regular vegetable soup would have beef stock.  This one has tomato.  I still think it sounds rather silly.  What do you think?

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  • jojosblog

    Actually, it’s like I said. Vegetable soup includes beef stock which many vegetarians won’t eat. This one has tomato stock so it’s really vegetarian. It just sounded really funny to me.

  • Candace

    Without reading the other comments, I would think that normal vegetable soup has meat in it? At least I know that’s how a lot of folks here in the South do it.

  • jojosblog

    Yes that makes more sense, Carrie!

  • Carrie L. Lewis

    Carla is right. Most vegetable soup is ‘non-vegetarian’ because it contains meat of some sort. Beef meat or beef stock. Chicken meat or chicken stock. Other types of meat or meat stock. Even meat stock makes a food non-vegetarian in the strict sense of the word.

    What Campbell’s should do is call the soup Vegan Vegetable soup. Vegan implies no animal source at all. Not even milk or eggs.

  • jojosblog

    Then I think Campbell’s should start putting NONVegetaran Vegetable Soup on the other lables! ROFL

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