Classical Music Speech Challenge

How did you all do last week with your impromptu speech?  What topic did you choose?  Please share your experience!  This is the last week of the challenge and we are going to step it up one more time.  But I know you are all up to it! This week, I want you to put what you learned this month together and give an impromptu speech on one of the fun topics listed below.  This time also watch that you are loud enough for those in the back of the room to hear you and that you aren’t rushing through your speech.  Maintain good eye contact with your audience and have fun with your topic!  Show your personality! Suggested Topics: 1. The importance of classical music 2. Pick a classical composer and share why you like his music 3. Explain why they say you learn better with classical music playing in the background 4. Explain why you believe classical music is boring For more fun with speech communication, check out these fun Art of Eloquence studies: Say What You Mean: A Creative Speech Course Know Your Audience Say What You Mean: Defending the Faith Say What You Mean: The Language of Leadership Say What You Mean: Debating the Issues If you liked these mini lessons, you'll love our newsletter!  We will be offering 4 mini speech communication lessons form each of six Art of Eloquence studies this year, but ONLY for our newsletter subscribers!


  • jojosblog

    I hear ya, Cindy. I love lots of different types of music.

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