Impromptu Speech Challenge

How are all you homeschoolers finding my mini speech lessons this month?  Here's the third in the series: How did you do with your American history speech last week?  Feeling even more comfortable now that you know what it’s like to stand up and give a short speech–especially when you know exactly what you’ll say?  How was your eye contact?  Good for you!  The more speeches you give, the more comfortable you will become. Please share your experiences here and feel free to ask questions! This week I want to take it up a notch to an impromptu speech.  This time, I want you to give a speech on a topic of your choice.  Pick a topic you know fairly well.  It doesn’t have to be a typical speech topic either.  It could be how to play your favorite game or all about your favorite character in a book.  Just pick something you truly love.  The idea is to talk about it for two minutes. Don’t just ramble either.  I want a good speech with a purpose!  It should tell the listener something interesting about your topic and consist of an introduction, a body with supporting evidence and a conclusion.  Each part will naturally be fairly short as this is a two minute speech, but it should be well constructed. For a list of great topics, check out our Art of Eloquence Speech and Debate Page!


  • Monex

    ….A good topic will Consider each of these criterion and you will find plenty of good speaking topics to fill your time!..

  • Cindy Holman

    I remember this from speech class – I think my subject was ‘trees’. I don’t know why I remember that!

  • Carla

    This is what I did for my first public speaking course in college (back in the dark ages). I got a huge ball of wool and the biggest crochet hook I could find. Then I got all my friends to lend me their hooks and I made up little practice wool balls. Passed them out to the class and put my hands under an overhead projector while I was speaking so they could see what I was doing on a big screen. Having my hands AND their hands busy made me less nervous. . . and they learned some basic crochet stitches! :)

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