The High Price of Hospitality

epic fail photos - Hospitality/Grammar Fail see more funny videos Gee, you only had to pay a quarter in the old days!  Things sure "our" getting expensive! For more communication fun, visit Art of!


  • cindy holman

    Oh WOW!!

  • In Our Write Minds

    Carla: Like

    JoJo, this is fabulous!

  • Mikala Thomas-Colvin

    The one thing that I noticed is they spelled “our” as “are”. Nice grammar!

  • jojosblog

    Thanks for the comments ladies!

    Carla, I believe that would be THER bathroom. ;D

  • Carla

    OYE!!! LOL There are many times I would’ve paid had someone let me use their bathroom. Or would that be there bathroom. . . or they’re bathroom or. . . :)

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