Taylor Mali: Speak with Conviction

If you had a chance to read my post from Monday, The Case for Wrinkles, you have seen how I speak with conviction on that subject.  lol  I'm an authority now. ROFL  In this YouTube video, Taylor Mali (former school teacher turned comedian) talks about how we should always speak with conviction and authority.  Check it out. Did you catch the word he makes up in the middle?  How do you spell that?  Neaauuu?  lol


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  • cindy holman

    I LOVE this – I have a girl friend who always says ‘you know what I’m saying’? After everything that she thinks is perfectly clear – and I’m always thinking to myself, ‘No’. And my own dear husband used to say, ‘You know’ when he was trying to think of the next thing to say – so he wouldn’t lose his place in the conversation. I think I cured him of that. He didn’t even know he was doing it!

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    I have a young friend who’s a high school English teacher. All her sentences are punctuated with “like.”

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  • Carla

    I love this guy! I’ve seen several of his videos and he really DOES know how to make a point. . . ya know? (sorry, couldn’t resist! :) And if you want the epitome of “you know” and “like,” try a verbatim legal transcript! I swear lawyers take Bad Grammar 101, as well as Run-on Sentences 303!

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