I've been nominated!


We interrupt Perception Week to bring you this news bulletin:

(Pretend you hear old fashioned news media typing here.)


FLASH: The Homeschool Post has just announced this year's Homeschool Blog Awards!


The Homeschool Post is a community of homeschooling parents and students. Once a year, they hold a contest to recognize and encourage blogs that are run by homeschoolers.  I am honored and humbled to find that Art of Eloquence's own, Communication FUNdamentals, has been nominated and you'll probably laugh when you hear in what category: Funniest Homeschool Blog!

There are many categories of blogs run by homeschool moms, dads and students (12 and over) who have varied interests.  Some of the categories include: Best Nature Blog; Best Encourager; Best Current Events, Opinions or Politics Blog; and Best Homemaking Blog.

There is even a category for Best Family or Group Blog which includes On the Company Porch, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine's blog where I am a contributing author.

If my blog has blessed you by tickling your funnybone (or your fancy), I'd be honored if you would vote for Art of Eloquence!  Voting ends at midnight CST on November 18th.



This has been a conTEST.  If this had been an actual humor emergency, a Rutabaga Man in funny nose and glasses would have appeared on your screen with instructions on where to turn for further hilarious instruction.



I now return you to your regularly scheduled blog...



  • Carla

    Vote for you? HECK, YES, I VOTED FOR YOU!!!! People say I am funny, but you have me beat by a mile, sweet pea! This blog is the best for every time you need a laugh. . . and every time you don’t! You still get one. Let’s see how much noise I can make to get other folks to vote for you. They NEED your humor! They may not know it yet, but they need it and my big mouth will tell them. :)

  • jojosblog

    Thanks Becky Joie. To subscribe you can click the RSS feed where it says RSS Subscribe Here on the right side bar. It will prompt you what to do next.

  • BeckyJoie

    Cute. I voted for you. This is a funny blog. I just wish I could figure out how to get it emailed to me so I don’t miss the funnies. Love ya!

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