Frequently Misused Words Video

Looking around through YouTube, I found this video done by an 8th grade class illustrating commonly misused words.  Mostly these are misspellings, but I thought it was cute and fit right in with my weekly Word Wednesday's misused words theme. This might be a great video to show your kidlings. For more Communication FUNdamentals, please visit Art of!


  • Tina

    Want more free leads? LOL Just Kidding!!! When I see desert/dessert, I always remember being taught that dessert has 2 s’s because you want more of it. :)

  • Carla

    Very nice! I think I need to show that to my high school class undertaking their first project. You should’ve heard the groans when I told them I was holding them to correct spelling and punctuation on this project! We could make a million of these videos, JoJo. I have lots and lots of words that would fit in. :)

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