Blah Blah Blah, Here's the Point

Ever talk to one of those people who go through a rather exhaustive list of things before they get to the point?  And then when they finally do get there, it's sort of, well...moot? Then Why All The Rules? see more Friends of Irony Are you a bottom-liner?  Do you usually prefer, "Just the facts, Ma'am?"  Would you rather shoot first and ask questions later?  Sometimes you really do need some background in order to properly interpret the situation or make an informed decision.  Other times, just like this sign, it's best to get to the bottom line before you waste time discussing details that simply don't matter. Know anyone who beats around the bush?  Someone who circles the neighborhood before driving up the driveway?   Ever  sit through a sales presentation without a clue as to what it's all about because they promised you a gourmet lunch and realize at the very end that it wasn't at all something you'd consider?  Have you gone to find out more about a program for your children and had to endure a litany of requirements before you realize this just isn't going to work for you?  Was there ever a time when you were waiting to hear back about someone's health and found yourself straining not to swat the other person while they went through the day's activities for what seems like a half hour before you were able to confirm that your relative was okay? My dh loves to give the details before he comes to the climax of a story and gets to the point.  It frustrates me, especially when the climax isn't really a story but a critical bit of information.  Sometimes it's best to start with dessert before you get into the meal.  It can save time, aggravation and stress on both parties. After all, you can't listen effectively if you're thoughts keep going back to, "Can you just tell me whether I should buy a get well card or condolence flowers?!" If the situation isn't grave, I might allow Mark Twain, there, to continue uninterrupted.  If I'm awaiting news as to whether or not an aunt's surgery went well, I usually politely interrupt him/her and say something like, "I'd love to hear the details, but can you first let me know if Aunt Mildred is okay?" Ever been on the other side of a Storyteller desperately, yet impatiently, waiting for a nugget of vital information?  Share how important it can be to get to the point at times.  Post your comment here.


  • Carla

    I can be a storyteller, but when it comes to needing to know something vital, I turn into Sgt. Joe Friday. I try to do what I make my students do. Make a statement and THEN support it, not the other way around. Building to a conclusion is nice, but not when there’s something that needs to be known NOW. I agree with Mr. Clemmons.

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    I wrote a paper on this in College, had i had your capability to articulate my thoughts and research, I may well have received a much better grade. Great Job!

  • jojosblog

    You’re right, Cindy. Telling a story well is a great skill to be enjoyed by so many, but not when people need the facts on something grave.

  • cindy holman

    I’m a story teller – if the story is funny and the bottom line isn’t critical – otherwise I’d say I’m pretty much to the point.

  • jojosblog

    ROFL I appreciate having the important parts up front. Then I can pay attention to the details.

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