Chef Boyardee Ad

It's Friday and time for Friday Funnies here on Communication FUNdamentals! I love the latest Chef Boyardee commercials.  Their newest tv ad is the best, but I can't find it. May be too new yet.  But here is their first one in their series called, Obviously Delicious; Secretly Nutritious. Great use of NONverbal communication, eh?


  • Karleen Mauldin

    I have loved this commercial since it came out! The first thought through my mind was, “A real Mom wrote this commercial!”

  • jojosblog

    I would love to find the new one on Youtube. It’s even better!

  • jim

    this is awesome man

  • cindy holman

    SO FUNNY!!!! Love it!!!

  • jojosblog

    I thought it was funny because my son watches cartoons and it’s one of the commercials they show…so kids are watching. lolol

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