Pizza Hut Has Pizza!!!

Who'd a thunk it?  Pizza Hut has pizza!

On Word Wednesday, I brought you my post, Everything is Obvious...Unless it Isn't.  I thought I'd follow that theme this week for Friday Funnies with this picture a customer sent in to me a while back.  I don't have a record of who sent it to me.  If it was you or you know who it was, please let me know so I can give proper credit. Until then, you might want change your dinner plans 'cuz Pizza Hut, apparently, now has ...PIZZA!


  • jojosblog

    Indeed! ROFL

  • Carla

    Well, so does Domino’s. We had some last night. ROFLOL I absolutely LOVE signs like this!!! I guess they had to put it up there ’cuz folks thought were selling. . . huts, maybe? :)

  • jojosblog

    I guess they just wanted to make that clear. lol

  • cindy holman

    Wow. Glad to know!! LOL!!! What in the world are they thinking???

  • In Our Write Minds

    No kidding! Who knew?

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