Everyone Who's Anyone is an Expert. Aren't You?

Last week I talked about the misuse (and overuse) of the word "literally."  This week, I continue my series of misused words with the word, "Expert."  Expert is another word that has "literally" been overused to the point of being lost in meaninglessness.  With so many able to claim expert status on the net, everyone is an expert in something these days.  Aren't you? If you've been on Twitter for any length of time, you will notice a huge influx of Marketing Experts and Social Networking Gurus.  I'm followed by at least one per day!  Hundreds of them per day spam my Twitter and email accounts with things like, "How to get six million followers before lunch!" and "Make money in your sleep!" or "What simple, yet morally questionable, trick will help get a bagillion people to buy your stuff?" Okay, it's not exactly like that, but I'm close, right? It seems everyone who's anyone is an expert guru these days.  The word expert has come to be used more like a title that comes after your name:  Mildred P. Widdlewaddle, Marketing Expert.  Claiming to be an expert these days can either sound a bit pretentious or incredibly silly.  You know... Mr. John Q. Public, Esquire.  MBA, PHD, DDS, XYZ, Sock Aficionado, Avid Breather, Expert Typist and Marble Guru. I have become uncomfortable with the term expert.  So many call me a Communication Expert.  True, I have studied it for many years, but I don't feel comfortable claiming expert status when there are so many who have more training than I.  I'm just an average Jo (Jo) who has studied this topic a long while and loves to teach it in creative and humor-filled ways. Most use the term because I happen to have a degree.  Frankly, my degree in speech communication wasn't all that trained me in the art of eloquence; it was just the beginning.  I have since received a much higher degree from the school of life.  I have used my training for over 25 years in business as an employee, trainer, manager and business owner, as well as a wife of almost 23 years, a mom for 20 years and homeschool/co op teacher for ten.  However, the reason people look for experts is not because of what it has done for that expert, but what she can do for them.  It isn't their titles or pedigrees that makes them someone people can learn from.  It's their experience and the way in which they present themselves. Merriam Webster defines an expert as "one with the special skill or knowledge representing mastery of a particular subject."  More important than what I have mastered is what I can help YOU master!    It does you no service if my expertise has allowed me to reap benefits in my life.  It matters not what that Marketing Guru can do that benefits his business.  At the end of the day, it's what he can do to help YOU.  And that, my friend, takes a little communication skill. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ JoJo Tabares holds a degree in Speech Communication.  Her Christian and humorous approach to communication skills has helped thousands feel comfortable enough to increase their skills for more personal and professional success.  For more information on how JoJo can help you and your family, please visit http://www.ArtofEloquence.com


  • jojosblog

    Thanks for the retweets! Bobbi, you are too funny! lol

  • Bobbi Maguire

    So, are you an expert literally? Just kidding!

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    Thanks Becky Joie! I love that term, “Ex-spurts” lol

  • BeckyJoie

    I, too, tire of all the “experts” that aren’t. My husband says they are “ex- spurts” but I think they are still spurts. LOL. There are true experts, though and sometimes it is wise to listen to them. I do think you have to research them, though, to see what their experience lends to their credibility factor. Good post, JoJo.

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