Peter’s son, Repeter

What's in a name?  A child by any other name would perhaps...just be silly! When I was pregnant with my first, and we thought she was a boy, my father came up with a name for him that would have necessitated psychological counceling.  Are you ready?  Horace Morris.  Yes, he would have been Horace Morris Tabares. No!  We didn't name our son Horace Morris (Dad was kidding), but there are some celebs who have named their children things that sound equally as ridiculous: Jermaine Jackson named his dd Jermajesty.  Penn of Penn & Teller named his child Moxie Crimefighter.  The one and only Frank Zappa named his children: Moon Unit, Dweezil, Ahmet and Diva Thin Muffin (My personal favorite.). Forest Whitaker's SON's name is Ocean. Sylvester Stallone's dd is Sage Moonblood.  Jason Lee's son is called Pilot Inspektor and Nicolas Cage's son is Kal-El.  (I think Nick had been watching too many Superman movies.) Then there are other folks who named their children: Tu Morrow, Fifi Trixibelle, Audio Science, Crystal Blue Persuasion, Seagrim 7,  O'rangejello (I guess he liked Orange Jello!) and Repeter!  (Repeter would, of course, be Peter's son whom they didn't want to name Peter Jr.) But the one that takes the cake for me is Tea Leoni and David Duchovny who named their kid, Kyd!  Now THAT'S original! Got any you'd like to share?  Post a comment.  And remember, to name a child something silly is a "Terra Bell" thing!


  • Terri McLaughlin

    If it were just Hollywood people, it’d be a bit more understandable. But, why in the world, would an every day person name their daughter Ima Hogg?? That’s just cruel.
    I read an aritcle recently in Parents magazine about naming and it claimed that, in Germany, the government has to approve all names and will reject anything unisex (the example they used was Riley) or that may cause the child senseless harm or teasing. Can you imagine it being necessary for the government to step in and have a say on naming? How much in taxes do you think they spend on that?
    I can’t think of anything too awful that I’ve heard, but I do know a John Johnson and a Bob Roberti – really parents? yuo couldn’t be more creative than that?

  • Carla

    Yeah, I’d heard about that Kyd thing. My fave on your list, though, is Kal-El Cage. SHEESH My husband went to high school with a girl named. . . and I kid you not (we have the yearbook to prove it!). . . Ima Hogg. Her parents thought it was funny. That poor girl probably ended up in a mental institution! I’ve always thought a child needs a good name to live up to. A creative name is one thing, but some of the ones you’ve listed. . . UGH. Of course, in the Hollyweird world, I’m sure it’s thought of as. . . well. . . normal! LOL

  • jojosblog

    Oh no! How horrible for her, Becky Joie! Something to think about!

  • BeckyJoie

    You always come up with the zaniest stuff. I have some funny names but I can’t really share them. Well, maybe one. LOL. My husband knew a girl in college with the name, Rhea Dire. Imagine how everyone laughed when her name was announced over the loud speakers system with the typical last name first approach.

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