How NOT to Communicate w/your Thermostat

I must look at the world through funny nose and glasses because my life is just funny.  Two weeks ago, as some of you know, my dd and I were baking brownies when, instead of smelling our delicious treat, we smelled burning plastic which we eventually learned was our AC going out. So a week later my dd and I found ourselves baking brownies again.  It was the same day of the week at the same time.  I even had the same number of eggs left in the egg carton.  We called my dad, who had helped us out the week prior, to put him on alert to be on stand by. LOL  If you're thinking we didn't, WE DID!  Well, we baked and determined conclusively through our little re-creation and scientific experiment that baking brownies does not, in fact, cause your AC to die. However, the morning after said scientific experiment, my dh came running in upset that the AC wasn't turning on.  It gets hot in our bathroom when you're taking a shower so he always lowers the AC to blow extra cold until he's done getting dressed.  Well this morning, AC was not responding. Apparently he asked him nicely, turned him on and off, put the fan on auto and then on, but AC just wasn't having any of that.  As he finished getting dressed for work, I decided to investigate.  I'm a homeschool mom and this was a science project.  Come on dear, let's see why AC isn't listening to your father. Sure enough AC was set for 78 degrees and it was 82 in the house.  Looking around at the thermostat for a minute revealed why.  In my dh's haste, he must have pushed one button he hadn't planned on.  Yes, it said HEAT instead of COOL. My dh is very intelligent but without his glasses I guess HEAT looks an awful lot like COOL.  I couldn't wait to bring to his attention how NOT to communicate with your thermostat.    I'll never let him live this down.  I think it beats my getting lost backing out of my own driveway.  What do you think?


  • jojosblog

    Thanks for the RT!

    Cindy, It’s so much fun to tease my dh because he is always so smug that he is right.

  • cindy holman

    Well – in your husband’s defense I must admit that I’ve done things very similar to this over the years! And I get lost too! I’m a mess!! But I’m not a blind as my husband is without his glasses – and we too have had lots of fun at his expense too!

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  • jojosblog

    Wow, I win an award? ROFL It was so funny because my dh was so adamant that the thermostat wasn’t working. I even tried to tell him a few times how he must have accidentally hit the wrong button but, until he saw it for himself, he didn’t believe me! ;D

  • Carla

    I don’t know, sweet pea, getting lost backing out of one’s own driveway has to get some type of meritorious service award for weird stuff happening to a person. . . heh-heh-heh. . . but, yeah, I’m with you. Your DH gets the top prize for shoving the thermostat to HEAT instead of COOL in an ARIDzona summer! ROFLOL Now remember your promise. . . NEVER let him live this one down. I’m counting on you!

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